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A total of 66,000 m²
Pickling The material is prepared for the subsequent drawing process in 8 pickling and treatment tanks. The manually controlled pickling equipment allows us flexibly and material related to consider given parameters such as temperature, chemical composition, and residence times in order to achieve optimum surface results.
Drawing We produce wire to extremely narrow tolerances in the dimension range from 1 to 25 mm Ø on 9 modern drawing machines. To this end we use both multiple drawing units and single drawing units. A Förster-eddy current crack testing system allows us to detect and mark surface defects by means of eddy current technology in the dimension range of 5 – 15 mm Ø.
Annealing Our recrystallisation annealing is carried out in 3 annealing furnaces with state-of-the-art digital process data acquisition. Application related, we can choose from inert gas, vacuum, and salt bath treatment. Temperature controlled cooling down for special requirements is just as possible as customer specific annealing programmes.
Straightening, grinding, and polishing We straighten wire in the dimension range between 1 mm – 22 mm Ø to bars with the help of 5 separate straightening machines. The surface finishing by grinding and polishing is carried out on 10 additional machines.
Testing and analysing The bright steel specific technological tests tensile test, hardness test, surface inspection, and spectral analysis are carried out by default in our bright steel department. More complex testing with regard to metallurgy or metallography can be realised in our modern and comprehensively equipped materials laboratory as requiered.