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Material Laboratory

The competence and performance of our very well equipped material laboratory is the prerequisite for meeting steadily growing quality requirements.

We ensure that:

  • Our high requirements with regard to the validation of raw material deliveries are met
  • Manufacturing processes are quickly, flexibly, and reliably customised to the material properties.
  • Customer specific material requirements are met
  • Our products withstand the highest stress

Samples are manufactured reproducible and in conformity with the standards by qualified personnel on CNC controlled milling machines and lathes. They are tested and evaluated promptly and flexibly.

Fig. CNC Milling machine

In order to determine reference values, the samples can be subjected to heat treatment in our laboratory before testing, for example:

  • Determination of response to heat treatment
  • Implementation of blank hardness tests

Fig. Laboratory material testing / heat treatment

More specifically, the following laboratory tests can be implemented:


  • Tensile test at room temperature and up to + 1000°C
  • Notch impact test up to – 78°C, or up to – 196°C on request
  • Brinell and Rockwell hardness test
  • Stress-rupture test up to + 800°C
  • Creep test up to + 800°C


  • Evaluation of structure and heat treatment
  • Determination and evaluation of surface quality (including measurement of surface decarburisation)
  • Determination of the grain flow
  • Determination of the level of purity
  • Grain size grading
  • Micro-hardness measurement


  • Spectral analyses (Fe-, Ti-, and Ni-matrix)
  • Mobile verification inspection
  • IK testing according to DIN EN ISO 3651-2
By arrangement, we can implement the following non-destructive tests:
  • Ultrasonic tests (contact method, immersion technique)
  • Dye penetrant test
  • Eddy current crack test
  • Magnetic particle test